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Comprehensive Carbon and Regional Mapping, Reporting, and Planning

  • LCA and Climate Action Planning (CAP)

  • Resilience and Vulnerability Planning 

  • Transportation Transition PlanningBuilding Transition Planning

  • Sectoral Strategy for holistic decarbonization and circular economy planning for your region, including industrial symbiosis

  • Carbon Markets, Carbon Pricing, and Biodiversity Planning

  • Natural Disaster Forecasting and Planning

  • Chart a course to achieve carbon neutrality, and go beyond to a net-positive, beyond zero carbon model alongside businesses and residents in your region

  • Make better decisions about ongoing interactions with earth systems and resource allocation


Map-Collective provides emissions tracking using data from your ERP system, your utility systems, and more to sync this data up to emissions dashboards with live visualizations, showing accurate actual process emissions when available and showing Scope 1, 2, and 3 from calculated emission factors of a country in question when available. In regions where there are not yet emission factors set, we draw on data from satellites and LIDAR, and use precision estimates when necessary based on large datasets on industry, demographics, economy, and more. We combine this with primary data that the company user inputs to give you the most accurate and up-to-date emissions profile.

Pricing starts at $3000/year.

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