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Comprehensive Carbon and Supply Chain Measurement, Reporting, and Planning

Map Collective syncs data from your ERP system, utility systems, and more, to track Scope 1,2, and 3 emissions factors and generate live, adaptive emissions predictions. In regions where emissions factors are not yet recorded, we draw on data from satellites and LIDAR, and use precision estimates based on industry data sets, demographics, economic data, and more. We combine this with company-input primary data to generate the most accurate and up-to-date emissions profile.

Map-Collective Allows you To:​

  • Investigate and understand Carbon Footprint Data

  • Chart a course to achieve carbon neutrality, and go beyond to a net-negative, beyond-zero carbon model

  • Make better decisions about ongoing interactions with earth's systems and resource allocation

Pricing starts at $500/month.

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Map-Collective for Employees

It's important that your employees know the value of the Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance Work you are pursuing. That is why we help Employers host Sustainability Days, helping employees - who are important stakeholders of your business - to start mapping their carbon footprints for free on's public carbon map. This is a low cost, easy process for employers to pursue!

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  • Create greater transparency, resilience and a more sustainable approach to product development

  • Track and accurately measure all Scope 3 emissions

  • Access thousands of data sets around weather, soil carbon, air quality, and more to facilitate vital decision making

  • Empower your organization to analyze supply chain risk on all levels

  • Identify opportunities for circular economy and decarbonization within your own supply chain

  • Identify opportunities for industrial symbiosis with other industries through Map-Collective's collaboration tool

  • Publish Diverse, Inclusive Supplier Stories to share the ways you are supporting positive labor and biodiversity action


Pricing starts at $1000/month.

Get Started today. Change Tomorrow.

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