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We are a Hub for collaboration between...

Energy providers and Energy users. governments and citizens. businesses and consumers. suppliers and retailers. governments and project developers.


We offer digitized carbon tracking and supply chain transparency through a custom user profile on, and can streamline emissions work that is already underway through this system. We offer full-service automation of both carbon and supply chain tracking and transparency through our CARBON PLAN and SUPPLY CHAIN 360˚ subscriptions.

Ways we might work with you:
· Scope 1, 2, 3 carbon dashboard
· Supply chain mapping

· Decarbonization Planning

· Industrial Symbiosis Planning

· Circular Economy Planning

· Biodiversity mapping

· Nature-based risk assessment

· Simulation of new technologies in supply chain


The Earth has limits. We define those limits through our research, protecting vital ecosystems and elemental balances that enable life on Earth.  We are a carbon footprint mapping company helping you measure, manage and reduce your footprint. We are fully focused on mapping the intersection of our planetary boundaries and human activities, illustrating the fragile balances of carbon, methane, plastics, and other materials that greatly affect the quality of life for humans and all organisms on earth.


As an organization who helps other organizations map out their emissions and pursue decarbonization, we are fully committed to organizational excellence in ESG at Map-Collective as well. We measure and decarbonize our own operations, and seek out the most just and most sustainable pathway to achieving all of our organizational goals. Our commitment to our employees is to create a happy workplace, where health and wellbeing is first and foremost, so that this culture can help each of us flourish individually before being able to facilitate the growth and success of our customers. We value team diversity, and pursue diversity in ability, race, gender, sexual orientation, culture, age, and thought processes in how we hire and grow our team.

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